Ali Gul Pir just dropped a diss track and it's savage

Ali Gul Pir just dropped a diss track and it's savage

After his spoken word piece for children who've seen their parents go through divorce, Ali Gul Pir has released a new rap which lets everyone know he will not be silenced.

‘Karle Jo Karna Hai’ is a diss track which comes with a video shot in Lyari and lyrics very pointed.

With lyrics like "*Chup nahi baithunga, sab kuch mai keh dunga... kar le jo karna hai," the rapper is letting it be known that nothing will stop his freedom of expression and his freedom expression includes some very specific lyrics about a legal notice that won't stop him from sharing his point of view.

He also says "I’m calling this song Channo ki maut,” so that happened.

In a statement released in August, he wrote, “In Pakistan, some people have so much power that they try to silence you if you don't agree with them."

He had said, “This is a classic case of those with influence trying to suppress dissent.”

That is exactly the message which the song echoes and people cannot get enough of the track.