Pakistani celebs condemn lawyers attack on Lahore hospital

Pakistani celebs condemn lawyers attack on Lahore hospital

A protest by over 200 lawyers in front of Lahore's Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) became excessively violent on Wednesday.

The protesters stormed the gates of PIC, vandalising property and damaging dozens of vehicles of visitors and setting ablaze a police van. The incident lead to several patients in ambulances unable to reach the hospital in time while those at the hospital were left unattended amidst the chaos. Some also lost their lives in the chaos.

The protesters claimed that the legal fraternity was provoked by several video clips doing the rounds on social media. They showed some doctors making fun of the lawyers after some hospital staff had thrashed a group of lawyers over a dispute at the PIC.

Two FIRs have been registered against more than 250 lawyers with people taking to social media to condemn the mob mentality that wrecked havoc at the hospital.

Pakistani celebrities also raised their voice against the violence:

Mehwish Hayat could not contain her disappointment

Bilal Ashraf wants them to be held accountable

Mahira Khan made an excellent point

Shaan Shahid called out the behaviour as opposite of that of a lawyer

Ali Rehman Khan refused to acknowledge them with their profession