This campaign tricked Sajal and Ahad fans to launch a TVC. Here's how

This campaign tricked Sajal and Ahad fans to launch a TVC. Here's how

Zeera Plus, a renowned manufacturer of zeera biscuits in Pakistan, has been celebrating the most cherished relationship in Pakistan: the love of chai and zeera biscuits.

To launch their latest campaign, the brand revealed unique teasers that sent the internet into a frenzy of anticipation.

Here's all that happened:

Sajal and Ahad posted teasers on their social media

Our favourite celeb duo Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir posted photos with each other on their Instagram, and everyone wanted to immediately find out what's happening.

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What seemed like an overt expression of love by the two celebs - who are basically engaged to each other in real life - was essentially Zeera Plus' way of relighting the love we Pakistanis have for chai and biscuits, particularly ones with zeera.

A fan also came up with a cute little poster online, and we couldn't help but fall in love with it.

Our favourite celebs took some Zeera Plus with them to a cricket field

This leg of the campaign introduced what could be Pakistan's first live 'dipping cam' segment in a cricket match with several noteworthy celebs. Several activities were kicked off from Karachi and then taken to Islamabad for the match.

The brand had Mani, Zainab Abbas and Faisal Qureshi dipping the sweet-and-salty zeera loaded biscuit in chai on the cricket field, and their cute little antics got caught on camera.

While fans enjoyed some live action on camera, we also spotted Wahab Riaz adding great puns to his tweets.

Check this out:

From what we're seeing the brand is keen on keeping fans glued to interesting campaigns like these in the future as well.

Head over to their official Facebook page to find out what's happening next.

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