Amavi has only two tables and needs to be booked a day in advance. Is it worth the hype?

Amavi has only two tables and needs to be booked a day in advance. Is it worth the hype?

Lahore is undoubtedly a foodie’s haven with a new restaurant, cafe, coffee shop or bakery opening every day and instantly becoming the talk of the town.

One such place is Amavi which is a hybrid between a bakery and a restaurant, boasting a select menu and a wide range of desserts.

Much like its name Amavi, translating to “I loved” in Latin, one leaves the place thinking of all the food they devoured, enjoyed, loved and can’t wait to eat again.

The owner of Amavi was previously famous for her desserts and like many, she had a home-run business.

The newly-turned restaurateur puts genuine passion and love into making her food and though she is short on staff, she herself makes the effort to continuously check on customers. This makes the experience all the more warm and welcoming.

Here's what you need to know:

Where to go

Amavi is located amongst a plethora of new and bustling restaurants on Street 17, Y Block, Lahore.

Calling the eatery quaint would be an understatement.
Calling the eatery quaint would be an understatement.

The place is small and cramped with only two tables for customers to enjoy an in-house experience, so it’s vital that you have a booking at least a day in advance.

Although the place is well-lit with an artsy decor resembling a Parisian-style cafe, the long queue of customers makes it difficult to enjoy the ambience.

When to go

Amavi is open Monday through Friday from 12pm to 9pm.

Be warned: the place is usually packed.
Be warned: the place is usually packed.

The early closing time is a bit unusual for a restaurant in Lahore.

What to order

The savoury menu changes on a daily basis, usually offering around three dishes. On our visit, they only had the buttermilk fried burger, the beef burger and an avocado and scrambled egg sandwich, except they had run out of avocados.

However, those with a sweet tooth will not be disappointed in any sense of the word because this place is a dessert lover’s heaven.

Here’s what we tried.

Buttermilk Fried Burger

The buttermilk fried burger was the star of the show and something I would come back for. The house made burger buns are so soft and buttery that they literally melt in your mouth.

The serving was quite big with a double crispy patty fried to perfection and drizzled with a generous helping of cheddar cheese.

The serving size is quite generous.
The serving size is quite generous.

The sides which came with the burger included a small serving of fries, fried okra and a rocket salad drizzled with olive oil and parmesan cheese.

The fries were also cooked to perfection and seasoned with special spices which made them all the more delicious. Personally, they are one of the best fries we’ve had in Lahore.

A good burger needs good sides.
A good burger needs good sides.

The fried okra and the salad were something very unique and added a healthy and refreshing touch to an otherwise heavy dish.

Beef Burger

The beef was cooked well done, just as I like it, and it complemented the luscious bun.

If you';re into clean eating, the high sodium content might put you off.
If you're into clean eating, the high sodium content might put you off.

The downside was that the slaw inside the burger has high sodium content, as it was made using fish and soy sauce. This burger will only appeal to those with a liking for high salt. Sadly, the highlights of this dish were the fries and the okra.

Bread and Butter

They provide complimentary bread and butter. The butter is homemade and comes in an array of flavours. These include churned harissa, green pesto, blue cheese and olive.

A solid platter for the table.
A solid platter for the table.

Personally, the spice of the harissa and the freshness of the pesto complemented the brown bread the most and were our top picks. We were informed that the butters are also available to order and purchase.

Chocolate Brownie

I had been eyeing this brownie from the moment I walked into the restaurant, continuously checking to make sure they did not run out before I finished my main course. When I finally tried it, it was nothing short of divine.

I';d come back for this brownie!
I'd come back for this brownie!

You can have it served cold or warmed up and I would recommend the latter. The owner exclaimed that it was an authentic Lindt brownie and was she right! I could taste the Lindt flavour in every bite and the crispness was right on point.

I’m a sucker for chewy and soft brownies but I would suggest everyone to give this one a try.

Walnut Pie Cake

The walnut pie cake was one of the best and very few we’ve tried in Lahore. The helping was good to share between two and the contrast between the crusty top and the creamy base was unlike any other.

Priced a little steep at Rs800.
Priced a little steep at Rs800.

The caramel sauce also had the perfect balance of sweetness and complemented the cake perfectly. A few bites were enough to please our sweet tooth.

Damage on the pocket

The major drawback of Amavi is its prices. It is quite heavy on the pocket. Both burgers were priced at Rs1,150, which is quite high in comparison to other eateries in Lahore. One slice of chocolate brownie was priced at Rs550 while a slice of the walnut cake was Rs800.

We often see Lahoris marching to restaurants with higher prices thinking if it’s expensive it must be delicious. Although this was the case for Amavi at times, it was definitely not worth the high price.

Would I come again? Yes — only for the chicken burger and the brownie. I would recommend those who can afford it to try the place at least once because you won’t leave hungry — only craving for more.