Nazish Jahangir hints about soon marrying Mohsin Abbas Haider

Nazish Jahangir hints about soon marrying Mohsin Abbas Haider

Actor Mohsin Abbas Haider, who has been accused of abusing and harassing his wife Fatima Sohail, seems ready to be hitched again and this time with his alleged girlfriend Nazish Jahangir.

Nazish dropped a hint about her soon-to-be wedding to Mohsin on an Instagram post. On a recent fan post that applauded Mohsin and Nazish to be the ‘best couple’, Nazish commented, “Soon InshaAllah”. Moshin also liked Nazish’s comment, as he indirectly confirmed the couple is planning to get married soon.

Moshin’s wife Fatima shocked everyone when she opened up about her abusive marriage. In a Facebook post on June 20, Fatima accused her husband of abuse and assault and said she has been enduring this since the beginning of their marriage.

Mohsin has also been accused of cheating on her wife with model/actor Nazish. Mohsin’s wife Fatima also filed a case against him. The FIR included charges of threats to kill as well as breach of trust.

Fatima came under oath to say that Mohsin had been with Nazish during her pregnancy and would openly talk to her while abusing Fatima. Mohsin, however, denied all these claims and called Nazish a ‘mutual friend’. Nazish had also taken to her Instagram and denied any such relationship while urging people to listen to both sides of the story before getting on her case.

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