Malicious intents of Musharraf's opposers exposed: Firdous Ashiq

Malicious intents of Musharraf's opposers exposed: Firdous Ashiq

ISLAMABAD - Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Firdous Ashiq Awan on Monday said that those who filed cases against Pervez Musharraf were carrying malicious intentions.

Awan said that former premier Nawaz Sharif set up special court without prior approval of cabinet; however, today court dispensed justice with its verdict in Pervez Musharraf case. She said federal government has jurisdiction over special court.

Talking about Nawaz Sharif s viral picture, she said those who raised "vote ko izzat do" slogans are busy in excursion in London. Masses want to know situation of Nawaz Sharif’s platelets?

She went on to say that if Rana Sanaullah had something in his defense, he would not have used Holy Book to justify his action. Rana Sanaullah has just got bail and not any certificate of innocence, she further said.

About MQM-P, she opined that government is grateful to MQM-P. We want to solve masses  issues with assistance from allied parties. Pakistan is striving to maintain peace in region; it is our responsibility to stabilize the country, she said.

She further stated that owing to efforts of government and court, gas consumers going to get their rights. Those who could not be given their money back, their bills will be adjusted accordingly in coming month.