NAB ordinance not in line with Islamic principles: CII

NAB ordinance not in line with Islamic principles: CII

ISLAMABAD – The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) on Monday declared the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Amendment Ordinance against the principles of Islam as many anomalies were found which do not comply with the religious teachings.

In the notification issued by Council of Islamic Ideology, it is said that handcuffing on the basis of accusations, advertisement of accused in media and putting the accused behind bars without any authentic proof is in contradiction with merit of justice. The notification further stated that the testimony of the co-accused in favour of the accused cannot be considered trustworthy.

The notification added that the approver becomes culprit after confession of crime. As per section 26 of the ordinance, it is not appropriate to allow the co-accused to become approver.

Moreover, allowing plea bargain as per NAB ordinance is also against Islamic teachings. The Council of Islamic Ideology has said in the notification that it is not lawful to treat the accused like a culprit before proven guilty.

According to the notification, the section 14D of the ordinance was declared against Islamic teachings. The section 14D holds the accused responsible of proving his innocence whereas it should be the responsibility of accuser to prove the accused guilty.