PM Imran would not let Nawaz go without plea bargain: Sheikh Rashid

PM Imran would not let Nawaz go without plea bargain: Sheikh Rashid

LAHORE – Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid said PM Imran Khan would not let Nawaz Sharif go without a plea bargain.

Talking in Dunya News program ‘Ikhtalafi Note’, he said PML-N president Shehbaz Sharif is working for a deal and he is a sharp man. He said it would be clear in 10 to 15 days weather a deal is on the cards.

The firebrand politician asserted that PM Imran would not become a hindrance if deal happens, adding that in other case (if they did not return money) PM would not let them go.

Sheikh said he himself is waiting anxiously for what would happen in this case.

Talking about JUI-F chief, he said Maulana Fazalurehman want to raise an issue that has no value, adding that he would regret it.
He said “I believe that PPP and PML-N would not stand by JUI-F in any sit in.”

The Federal Minister further said that Imran Khan’s politics has forced Maulana to take wrong decisions as he used to play around the wickets in past.

Talking about London telephone, Rawalpindi based politician said Hassan and Hussain Nawaz would not be arrested from London as they possess British nationality. He said those who are in Pakistan would face the consequences of looting public money.

Earlier, Talking a presser, Sheikh Rashid said propaganda campaign was being embarked against the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

“Friendship of China and Pakistan is greater than [the altitude] of Himalayas,” he remarked, while commenting on bilateral relations between the neighbouring countries.

Regarding the longstanding dispute of Kashmir between nuclear-armed Pakistan and India, the minister affirmed that Prime Minister Imran Khan would present the issue in front of international community during his address to the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly.
“We are standing with our Kashmiri brethren,” he said.

Commenting on the political rivalry amongst parties in the country, Rasheed told the media that the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has abandoned its support for Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam chief Fazlur-Rehman “for playing the card of religion in politics.”

“Both the PML-N and the PPP cannot function with Fazlur-Rehman […] as he has some other objectives.” “A message has been sent to Fazlur-Rehman to not place his foot at a hotspot,” Rasheed said, adding that the message was conveyed via Abdul Ghafoor Haideri.