Poliovirus continues in Balochistan owing to propaganda

Poliovirus continues in Balochistan owing to propaganda

QUETTA - The number of denial parents in Balochistan has exceeded 20,000 owing to propoganda against polio vaccine while a consultation session was held to address these issues in which important decisions were taken.

Government and non-governmental organizations have teamed up for the prevention of rising polio cases in Balochistan. Rashid Razzaq, coordinator of the Emergency Operations Center Balochistan, expressed that about 25,000 unaccompanied parents are a major obstacle to polio eradication in the province. “After a sudden increase in polio cases, a special polio campaign is being launched in Balochistan”, he added.

The consultation meeting was attended by scholars and practitioners from every school of thought, including doctors, who were provided with complete information about polio-related diseases.

Experts advise that children under the age of five need to be vaccinated 50 to 60 times to prevent the spread of deadly germs in their body.

Balochistan has reported six cases of polio this year. The Quetta Block has been declared the most susceptible to polio, so it is imperative that everyone in the society play its role in ending the disease.