Dean Jones believes one person cannot have both roles of head coach, chief selector

Dean Jones believes one person cannot have both roles of head coach, chief selector
  • The former Australian batsman says players with problems would be afraid to approach the coach.
  • Dean Jones believes being honest with the coach about problems will likely get the player sacked.

Just like many others, former Australian batsman-cum-cricket commentator Dean Jones too has voiced his disapproval over assigning dual roles of head coach and a selector to one person.

“In my opinion in cricket, you cannot have both roles as a head coach and a selector. Imagine if you were a player with some technical or mental problems.. would you be honest with your coach as you are more likely to be sacked!” Jones said in a Twitter post.

Jones, who has also served as the head coach of Pakistan Super League (PSL) franchise Islamabad United, is most likely pointing towards Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) decision of assigning fellow United mate Misbah-ul-Haq both as the head coach and chief selector of Pakistan’s men team.

Jones further added that he ‘genuinely want’ Misbah to perform well, however “it’s hard to do all the jobs properly and well,”

Jones is not the first to disapprove of this move. Earlier, former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja urged the PCB not to conduct such an experiment.

“The idea of dual roles can work in the western block where the administration is professional with proper checks and balance, but experimenting with such concept in Pakistan cricket is not without its dangers as it is impractical and unsuitable because it has never happened before,” Ramiz said in a video.

“So in my view Pakistan cricket should not conduct such experiment. The role of coach should be kept separate and selection committee should be announced separately,” he added.

Indian cricket commentator and pundit Harsha Bhogle also expressed similar views over the appointment of Misbah  on both positions. “Never been a fan of one person being coach and selector. Players come to a coach with a problem. If they know that that knowledge could result in them being dropped, they may not be honest with coaches. #Misbah,” tweeted Bhogle.