Fake video of Mark Zuckerberg claims he's in control of people's data

Fake video of Mark Zuckerberg claims he's in control of people's data

A new evidence of how artificial intelligence can be used to create fake news has emerged and this time it has targeted Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg through a fake video of him saying that he’s in control of billions of people’s stolen data.

A video of Zuckerberg created using ‘deepfake’ technology emerged on Instagram, created by UK artists Bill Posters and Daniel Howe, according to Vice, which first spotted the video. According to the news outlet, the video was created as part of an exhibit ‘Spectre’ for a documentary festival.

The fake Zuckerberg was seen saying in the video that was edited to appear like a news clip, “Imagine this for a second. One man with total control of billions of people’s stolen data. All their secrets, their lives, their futures. I owe it all to Spectre, Spectre showed me that whoever controls the data, controls the future.”

The video has since then gained over 15,000 views. However, a Facebook spokesperson said that it won’t be removing the video, instead will notify users who shared the clip that it was fake, wrote The Verge.

An Instagram spokesperson told Business Insider, “We will treat this information the same way we treat all misinformation on Instagram. If third-party fact-checkers mark it as false, we will filter it from Instagram’s recommendation surfaces like Explore and hashtag pages.”

Though the video indicated that it’s fake – through Zuckerberg’s voice and mouthing words –, it still highlights the increasing concerns over deepfake technology, which is an AI-powered technique that can be used to falsely put words in anybody’s mouth, explained Business Insider.

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