Google Pixel 4 rumored to be expensive than iPhone 11

Google Pixel 4 rumored to be expensive than iPhone 11

US - Launching on Oct. 15, Google’s next flagship phones, the Pixel 4 and 4 XL, are crucial for the company and leak revealed that it might be expensive than iPhone 11 series.

According to BGR, this is especially true given that rivals like Apple launched its iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max with boosted camera features like Night mode, and Samsung is on its way with the relaunch with the Galaxy Fold, in addition to its Galaxy S10 and Note 10 phones.

The Pixel 4 launch can’t come soon enough, considering the handset is easily the most leaked device in history. That’s because Google did something entirely different this year, looking to stay ahead of leaks.

The company teased the rear camera of the handset months ago, and then officially announced two of the Pixel 4’s other signature features, including 3D face unlock and Motion Sense (Soli radar) gestures.

But the leaks kept on coming, and it got even worse about a month ago when people in Asia were actually able to purchase early production units. Google’s revelations made identifying these devices even easier.

The first reviews soon hit YouTube, with more and more blogs dedicating ample coverage to unearthing all of the phone’s tiny secrets. The only thing we didn’t really know was the Pixel 4’s price. A leak a few days ago suggested the phone will be more expensive than the iPhone 11, and we have a brand new one that tells us the same thing.

Well-known leaker Evan Blass posted on Twitter the Pixel 4 pricing structure for Canada:

• Pixel 4 64GB: CAD $1,049.95
• Pixel 4 128GB: CAD $1,199.95
• Pixel 4 XL 64GB: CAD $1,199.95
• Pixel 4 XL 128GB: CAD $1,359.95

As before with international pricing, the conversion isn’t simple, and translating these prices in US dollars would not tell the whole story.

But we can easily compare the Canadian prices for the Pixel 3 and iPhone 11 to get an idea of how expensive the new handset is.

Here’s what the Pixel 3 phone cost at launch in the country:

• Pixel 3 64GB: CAD $999
• Pixel 3 128GB: CAD $1,129
• Pixel 3 XL 64GB: CAD $1,129
• Pixel 3 XL 128GB: CAD $1,259

The Pixel 4 price, while higher than the Pixel 3 according to this leak, shouldn’t be surprising. The phone’s new features come at additional cost, especially the brand new 3D face unlock parts and Project Soli radar chip. We’re looking at a CAD $50 price jump for the cheapest model, while the storage upgrade costs a CAD $150 extra, compared to just CAD $130 last year.

That means US prices for the Pixel 4 will also go up accordingly for each of the four models. The Pixel 3 starts at $799 in the US, and that’s the regular price, before any discounts.

The cheapest iPhone 11, meanwhile, will be the main rival to Google’s Pixel 4 phones, and the handset is priced even lower than the iPhone XR, starting at $699 in the US.

Meanwhile, here’s the pricing structure of the iPhone 11 phones in Canada, for a better comparison to the leaked Pixel 4 prices:

• iPhone 11 64GB: CAD $979
• iPhone 11 128GB: CAD $1,049
• iPhone 11 256GB: CAD $1,189
• iPhone 11 Pro 64GB: CAD $1,379
• iPhone 11 Pro 256GB: CAD $1,589
• iPhone 11 Pro 512GB: CAD $1,859
• iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB: CAD $1,519
• iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB: CAD $1,729
• iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB: CAD $1,999

The 256GB iPhone 11 costs less than the 128GB Pixel 4, which is certainly surprising. As for the Pro models, they’re all more expensive than the Pixel 4.