73-year-old Indian woman gives birth to twin girls

73-year-old Indian woman gives birth to twin girls

NEW DELHI - A 73-year-old woman in India has become a mother for the first after giving birth to healthy twins girls.

As per details, Mangayamma Yaramati and husband Sitarama Rajarao, from the southeastern state of Andhra Pradesh, conceived through in vitro fertilisation.

They told BBC Telugu that they had always wanted children, but had been unable to become pregnant naturally.

Although Ms Yaramati began her menopause 25 years ago, a donor egg was fertilised with her husband’s sperm and implanted into her womb. She delivered through Caesarean section and both she and the babies are doing well, her doctor told the BBC.

Mr Rajarao, 82, who suffered a stroke the following day of babies’ birth, is being treated in hospital.

The couple said they had tried IVF numerous times and had been stigmatised by the community for being childless.

Ms Yaramati is thought to be the world’s oldest woman to give birth.

In 2016, Indian Daljinder Kaur, who is in her seventies, gave birth to a boy.